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Loyalty Program Solutions

Retail Store

- Enhanced Loyalty Schemes with Event Based Triggers
- Easy POS, Wallet & Ecommerce Integrations
- Omnichannel Registration & Loyalty Point Redemption
- Digital & Card-based Loyalty Programs
- Flexible Loyalty Program Schemes
- Intuitive and Seamless Loyalty Card Management

Restaurant/ Pubs

- Reward customers with points on signature dishes or visit frequency
- Offer incentives such as "refer a friend and get 500 points"
- Offer incentives like "purchase 1 appetizer and get 1 free"
- Automatically send personalized emails to thank customers
- Stay connected to your customers and inform them of special offers and new menu items


- Earn and spend miles with all partners
- Use miles to upgrade in advance or on board
- Extra baggage allowance
- Lounge access
- Priority check-in
- Complimentary Clubhouse spa treatment plus 10% off thereafter


Loyalty schemes are one of the best ways to build a strong hub of repeat customers and are a great way to influence their buying behaviour. We can provide the right loyalty solution for your organisation thanks to our team at SmartCards India having worked with a number of retailers and specialist consultants on tailored loyalty schemes over the years.

Loyalty schemes are a great way to offer your customers rewards and incentives, whilst increasing revenues in your business. Below are the top three reasons we believe are key drivers for offering your customers a loyalty scheme.

Increased Profits

Loyalty programs have long been recognised as a key way to boost profits. Keeping this in mind, attracting new customers is often much more costly than retaining existing ones. By offering customers the opportunity of reward points that can be exchanged for store credits, discounts or other benefits, you encourage them to return to your store and spend more whilst they are there! This in turn means higher sales and ultimately more profit.

Customer Referrals

Happy customers are one of the best way to promote your brand through referrals. Not only does this cost little to do, it is probably the most trusted method when it comes to the consumer. If a customer recommends your business to a friend or family member they are much more likely to buy your products or services.

Vital Market Research

Introducing a loyalty scheme gives you accurate customer data. By recording information such as customer demographics and buying behaviour you can develop a strategy that encourages optimal buying behaviour. To do this you need to understand what triggers your audience to purchase and by offering loyalty incentives you will begin to see exactly what fuels your customers to return.

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Custom Products


Tyvek Wrist Bands

Non-Tearable Wrist Bands

Our range of Tyvek Wristbands has grown significantly due to the higher demand in the leisure and entertainment sectors. Our Wristbands can be used for many different applications including use at concerts, in leisure and sports facilities, for access control, at casinos and more


Scratch Cards

Phone/ Prepaid Cards

Scratch cards & Calling Cards are manufactured on dedicated production line with superior inkjet technology for personalisation and tamper proof proprietary/ general holographic scratch foils. Ideally suited for mobile phone prepaid facility and product promotional schemes.


Readers & Writers

Smart Card Reader & Writers

WE offer a wide range of smart card readers & writers including contact, contactless and dual interface readers & writers. If you are looking for something specific, or would like to discuss your card reader & writer requirements, please contact us and a member of our knowledgeable team will be happy to assist you.



Fingerprint/ Retina Devices

Fingerprint Attendance system is basicaly the most secure way to mark a persons attendance as there is no buddy punching ( proxy attendance). This ensures that the attendance of every person is accurate and no body cheats. These are stand alone systems with TCP/IP enabled.


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