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Facial Recognition

A facial recognition biometric system identifies and verifies a person by extracting and comparing selected facial features from a digital image or a video frame to a face database. For example, an algorithm may analyze the distance between the eyes, the width of the nose, the depth of the eye sockets, the shape of the cheekbones, the length of the jaw line, etc., and encode the corresponding data as face prints, which can then be used to find appropriate matches in a destination database.

Voice Recognition

Speaker or voice recognition differs from speech recognition in that the former recognizes and identifies a speaker using voice biometrics and the latter analyzes what is being said. Voice biometrics include both physical characteristics, such as the shape of the vocal tract responsible for articulating and controlling speech production, and behavioral characteristics such as pitch, cadence and tone, etc.

Finger Print

Most fingerprint biometric solutions look for specific features of a fingerprint, such as the ridge line patterns on the finger, the valleys between the ridges, etc., commonly known as minutiae, which are then converted to stored digital data. In order to get a fingerprint match for verification or authorization, biometric systems must find a sufficient number of minutiae patterns. This number varies across systems.

Biometrics using AI

Different biometric recognition methods offer different set of features, advantages and disadvantages. Cost is also an important factor to consider while choosing a biometric recognition system. For high security applications, multi-factor authentication or multi-modal biometric implementation can be considered, while low security applications can be implemented with single biometric modality.

Multi-modal biometric applications may hike up the investment required multi-fold, so there has to be a balance of everything and a thorough return on investment study may be required before taking up multi-modal biometric recognition.

Fingerprinting is the most popular modality among all biometric recognition methods. Being inexpensive, easy to implement and use, it has most penetration in authentication and access control applications as well as consumer electronics like mobile phones and portable devices.

Future trends

Both, businesses and governments have recognized potential of biometric recognition systems and are leveraging them for various identification and authentication purposes. With successful adoption at various fronts like access control, civil identification, border control, law enforcement, etc. it can be said that biometrics is rapidly growing and has good prospects for the future. Global adoption and successful implementation across industries have showed that biometrics is the way forward. Market intelligence companies also predict exponential growth of biometric recognition in the future.

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Tyvek Wrist Bands

Non-Tearable Wrist Bands

Our range of Tyvek Wristbands has grown significantly due to the higher demand in the leisure and entertainment sectors. Our Wristbands can be used for many different applications including use at concerts, in leisure and sports facilities, for access control, at casinos and more


Scratch Cards

Phone/ Prepaid Cards

Scratch cards & Calling Cards are manufactured on dedicated production line with superior inkjet technology for personalisation and tamper proof proprietary/ general holographic scratch foils. Ideally suited for mobile phone prepaid facility and product promotional schemes.


Readers & Writers

Smart Card Reader & Writers

WE offer a wide range of smart card readers & writers including contact, contactless and dual interface readers & writers. If you are looking for something specific, or would like to discuss your card reader & writer requirements, please contact us and a member of our knowledgeable team will be happy to assist you.



Fingerprint/ Retina Devices

Fingerprint Attendance system is basicaly the most secure way to mark a persons attendance as there is no buddy punching ( proxy attendance). This ensures that the attendance of every person is accurate and no body cheats. These are stand alone systems with TCP/IP enabled.


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